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Preprimary course

The child who enters the Montessori Preprimary school at 2 ½ years spends three years developing certain skills and capacities within himself.

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Admissions open now for new batch - South Indian Montessori Foundation at Bangalore, India

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About Us

South Indian Montessori Foundation... Great place to Learn

South Indian Montessori Foundation was started with the main objective of providing quality Montessori teacher training from Bangalore, India. It was started by a group of individuals from diversified background with its headquarter based at Bangalore. With the sole purpose of maintaining Montessori tradition, provides the most up to date and comprehensive course in the Montessori teaching method. It provides students with all the knowledge, experience and practical training required in pre-school education.

Our Training Programme

The SIMF offers Pre-primary Montessori Teacher Training program. The advantage is that the Pre-primary Montessori Teacher knows what his/her students present need. The training program focuses on the continuum of development in the child’s life.

Montessori education is a flow experience; it builds on the continuing self-construction of the child for the duration of the programme. It is based on the successive levels of education conform to the successive personalities of the child. SIMF offers course to cater to the needs of the child in different stages.

The Montessori Teacher Training is imparted at SIMF in a very systematic manner, utilizing all the materials required for it. The students are given ample opportunity to observe the classes at work and to develop their skill of objective observation. Advisor groups are created to support the trainees on an individual level. Field trips are organized and a few resource persons are invited to give lectures for them.

Our Outreach Programs

The staff and students of SIMF implement Montessori environments in traditional learning setups, bringing about acceleration in learning, and empowerment of the child.

Building a strong Montessori Community is one of the missions of SIMF. To achieve this goal, we have always tried to reach out to the larger society through various outreach programs. At the same time, we are trying to equip ourselves to work better through Trainer’s training and curriculum development programs. Our faculty conduct refresher courses for old students and workshops for the members of SIMF. Details of these activities can be seen here.

SIMF has been involved in many projects over the years. Some are still on going, and others were short projects which have been completed.

We have transferred all those projects which do not require training in all areas of the curriculum to the SIMF.

Outreach programs
Workshops and Refresher courses
Directors’ Training
Work on Vernacular Languages and English

Smt Usha Rani, Founder SIMF


Graduated in Commerce from Andhra University
Worked in a preschool for 5 years
Pre-primary diploma from IMTC and primary diploma from IIMS
Worked in Golden Bead Montessori School for 2 years
Abhyaas montessori formend in 2002
Center Head for IIMS ( Teacher training) HSR branch
She had acquired diploma in counselling skills from Banjara academy.
She has been working as teacher trainer, since 5 years in IIMS.
she has been working as Consultant to montessori schools through IIMS.


Montessori Method has been in existence for more than a hundred years, in more than 60 countries. It caters to children from different socio-economic strata and the differently abled too. Its unique features are:

Focus on development rather than mere learning.
Truly child-centric i.e. curriculum emphasizes on the needs of the child rather than requirements of other stakeholders.
Children learn through actively working with their hands and senses.
Initiates independence and self-confidence.
Application of its principles at various stages in the development of a child – infancy, preprimary, lower primary, upper elementary and adolescence.
Adapted to the locality as well as the individual child, giving multi-age, multi-level teaching.

SIMF helps its students understand these features through well developed, interactive course content, backed by observations, workshops and practical work. Research done in adapting the method to the needs of the child at various stages is brought into the training program. Exposure to public opinion is given through participation in the programs of SIMF.

1. Montessori Primary Education builds upon the child’s experiences during the first six years in the family and later in Montessori House of Children. Knowledge of the child’s needs at a later stage helps the teacher of the lower class to prepare him adequately. Knowledge of what he has achieved in the pre-primary helps the primary teacher to start educating the child at a more appropriate level. This is the basis for the combination of Preprimary with Primary.

2. The course at SIMF is customized to cater to the needs of the individual trainee along with meeting the needs of a larger group. Eg: Nethra began her work as a teacher in a primary class room. During these years, she was able to identify and appreciate the need for certain developments in the child during the Preprimary. Understanding that she had an opportunity to make a difference, she shifted to work with children of a younger age group. Such a shift was possible because of the comprehensive training SIMF had offered to her. 3. SIMF offers Administrators special opportunities to develop awareness of the work done by their teachers through auditing. They only attend classes, and don’t have to complete coursework or take exams.

4. Local language support is offered to the trainees at SIMF, whenever necessary. We have had trainees, who could communicate only in local languages (Tamil at Tamil Nadu, or in Kannada / Hindi in Bangalore) pass out successfully.

5. Knowledge sharing meetings are organised every two months for working teachers under the aegis of SIMF. Summaries of these sessions are published in the egroup and in the newsletter.

6.The Director and the Co-Director of the Institute have received some of their training from different institutions. They have also assisted in different training institutions. They bring the benefit of all these multiple experiences to the Institute through the Director’s training progamme.

7.SIMF has always been sensitive to the needs of schools in places other than Bangalore. Courses have been tailor made to suit their needs, be it a full fledged one year course or one spread into modules over three years along with consultations at school.

Vision & Mission

1. To equip the students to understand ideals of Montessori method, not as a mere ritual, but as a philosophy.

2. To provide adequate and effective training to students in the techniques of Montessori.

3. To encourage feedback from our Alumni with regards to training and put them in to practice by a vote of consensus.

4. To help schools to reach the goal of an ideal Montessori, step by step.

5. To popularize the method so as to impact many schools and provide them with the necessary aid and resources to do so.

6. To build a cohesive Montessori community which will stay united and work towards the promotion and adaptation of Montessori values and ideals.

7. To help the Institute multiply vertically and horizontally by setting up subcentres in multiple places, covering all age groups, with an aim to create awareness amongst more number of people.

8.To ensure to abide by the original Ideas and Practices of Montessori so as to avoid dilution of the methodology.

9. To be recognized by all the strata of the population as a reputed, capable, empowering and knowledge providing Institution.

Frequently Asked Questions


SIMF is located in HSR Layout, conveniently placed with respect to Koramangala, Jayanagara, Basavanagudi, Old Airport Road and Cantonment. It is very close to the BDA complex.

The Institute is located with an airy, spacious and well lit lecture hall and sufficient facilities. The classes are equipped with extensive materials required for pre-primary Montessori teacher training. The materials are continuously updated every year. This year, the material needed for Higher primary teacher training has also been added.

The library at the Institute is well equipped with books and journals. They are available both for the faculty of the Institute and for students, and for reference of the members of South Indian Montessori Foundation. The library has an extensive collection of the books of Dr. Montessori, along with books of general subjects such as History, Geography, Botany, Zoology and Indian Languages. There are also samples of books that should be found in School libraries. Journals include all the publications of newsletters of SIMF, along with the copies of the magazine published by SIMF – The Child and You. Apart from that, several journals of other Montessori organisations are also available for reference.


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